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Sovereign Divan

Sovereign Divan

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Sovereign Divan / Mattress Foundation Specs:

  • Pair with Tiara, Sublime, or Signatory mattresses
  • Hand-nested pocketed spring construction
  • 1,740 Springs in a King size
  • Solid timber frame
  • Mattress Heights: 12.2", 9.8", 6.7", or 5.5"
  • Coir, blended wool & cotton batting
  • Many fabric options
  • Many leg style and height options
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The Multi-Layer Construciton

The two and three stacked layers of hand-nested coils greatly elevate the experience to a whole new level of luxury beyond that of the single coil layer mattresses since the stacked coil layers are more responsive to your body shape while providing even greater support.

The Best Thing For Mattress Making

Horsetail is the longest known natural fiber and has been an integral part of furniture and bed making for centuries. Bold, strong, and bouncy, it’s the magic ingredient that keeps Vispring mattresses in great shape — even after decades of constant use. Combed from either the mane or tail, Vispring sources the majority of their horsehair from Austrian and South American horses, which are renowned as being the finest quality. It’s untwisted by hand to preserve its inherently open structure and facilitate the air circulation. We often say that horsetail adds a million more springs and breathes the life into your mattress every morning as you rise.

Shetland Wool

When you consider the caliber of raw materials that Vispring uses, it’s no surprise that a Vispring mattress is much heavier than the majority of mattresses on sale today. Reassuringly, this is due to the volume of natural materials that are packed into each and every mattress; fibers such as Shetland wool, which is much heavier and more robust than most other wools and is incorporated to the Luxe Collection mattresses to further maximise comfort and help to regulate body temperature. It’s an intrinsic part of the factory's culture that maintains close and very longstanding relationship with the local crofting industry to safeguard its future.

Calico Coils

Vispring makes its coils out of the very purest steel of which Vanadium, a very expensive rare earth metal, is added for its unique ability to flex and retain its shape better than any other metal. So important are its coils that Vispring makes over 1.2 million springs each week, uniquely designed for each mattress model and comfort preference.

Each coil is inserted into an all natural unbleached cotton calico cover and then handnested into a honeycomb pattern so that there are no gaps between the coils to ensure that you enjoy the greatest comfort for the greatest number of years.

Nature's Finest

The Classic and Luxe Collection are where Vispring master bedmakers add even richer materials to their single layer mattresses. Depending on the model, they’ve chosen fine Mulberry silk, lightweight cashmere, and hand-teased Shetland wool, unique to Vispring, – an incredibly soft fleece thanks to the sheep’s unique moorland and beach habitat. It’s about finding exactly what is needed to create mattresses that go beyond comfortable – beds that let you drift off into a truly deep sleep . . . .

Sealed with Care

Once a mattresses has been filled, it is covered with the very best Belgian Damask which is made by Maes in Flanders. The strength of this damask not only ensures that these mattresses are made to last decades, but it also contributes to the very high quality comfort that you will enjoy.

The side-stitching is all done by hand and is also integral to the quality and comfort of a Vispirng mattress. It’s an intricate, labour-intensive technique that takes years to master. So important is the sidestitch that Vispring invests up to 8 hours for applying sidestitches on every mattress.

We're with you Every Step of the Way

We understand that choosing a mattress can be daunting, especially in the high-end category, so we're open 7 days a week to answer any questions that you might have or to meet with you in person in our San Francisco showroom to help you choose a mattress that is perfect for you.

Free home delivery and setup in approximately 8 weeks.

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