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Free British Fleece Wool Topper valued up to $3000 with purchase of any Queen, King, or Cal King Vispring Luxe Collection mattress. Vispring British handmade luxury mattresses are made with all natural fibers since 1901.

Sale ends February 28, 2023.

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Vispring Original Collection

All Vispring mattresses are made with hand-nested pure steel and vanadium coils and all natural fibers–nothing else. The Original Collection has a single layer of hand-nested coils, between 1,700 - 2,000 coils per king depending on the model. The comfort layers above the coils are almost entirely filled with wool, each having a minimum of four fleeces of Britian's top rated wool. Cotton is blended into some layers and comprises the top of the crown of every mattress. Each Vispring mattress is double-sided and is intricately stitched by hand through and through to insure the ultimate in comfort.

(Price Range: $5,500 - $7,500)

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Vispring Classic Collection

The Classic collection is also made with a single layer of hand nested coils packed into a honeycomb pattern with lots of British wool, but these mattresses have between 1,886 - 2,236 coils along with horse hair fiber, which is the very best fiber for mattress making. Depending on the model, these mattresses may also have Shetland wool, silk, and mohair for an even greater experience of comfort.

(Price Range: $7,000 - $13,500)

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The Vispring Top-Tier Luxury Collection

Vispring's Luxe Collection mattresses have between 2,850 - 4,000 coils packed into two layers and for the Masterpiece into three. These mattresses are Vispring's very best, each providing you a uniquely luxurious night's sleep paralleled by no other. These mattresses have British fleece wool, Shetland wool, cotton, silk, mohair, and cashmere depending on the model. The pricing of these mattresses offers a very good value considering the amount of expert labor that goes into building them as well as the fact that the materials used are among the very finest in the world.

(Price Range: $12,000 - $45,000)

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What's in A Name?

As the name suggests, springs are the most important ingredient in the Vispring recipe as they work in harmony with the natural fillings and upholstery to create a balance of strength, durability, and softness.