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Prestige Divan ~ 1276 coils/king:

A beautifully upholstered Vispring Prestige Divan improves the comfort and longevity of your mattress by 40%.  Choose your fabric, height, legs, and purchase a beautifully hand-tailored Vispring headboard to complete the package!  Call us if you need assistance.

Regal Specs:

  • 2,236 pocketed coil single layer (King)
  • Bonded British Fleece Wool and Turkish Cotton
  • Horsetail hair blended with British Fleece Wool
  • Shetland wool + Turkish Cotton
  • 3 Rows of hand sewn side-stitches
  • Thickness: 11.5 inches crown to crown
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Choose a Bed Fabric and Leg Option

Chain Weave Fawn: #750
Touch Sky: #2119
Touch Rose: #2116
Touch Kingfisher: #2118
Touch Denim: #2120
Soft Cotton Turtle Dove: #2037
Soft Cotton: Steel: #2036
Plush Teal: #2114
Plush Saffron: #2114
Plush Royal: #2115
Plush Petrol: #2153
Plush Heather: #2109
Plush Elephant:#2152
Plush Duckegg: #2113
Plush Burgundy: #2108
Plush Bottle Green: #2154
Plush Aubergine: #2107
Gem Wine: #2097
Gem Silver: #2026
Gem Prussia: #2027
Gem Moss: #2028
Gem Indigo: #2099
Gem Cream: #2084
Gem Celestial: #2029
Cotton Kiwi: 2102
Cotton Heather: 2105
Cotton Eau De Nil: 2103
Cotton Chambray: 2104
Canvas Thames: #2032
Canvas Sand: #2034
Canvas Clay: #2030
Boucle Sodalite: #2148
Boucle Sandstone: #2150
Boucle Graphite: #2149
Boucle Flint: #2151
L1 wood: 3, 5.1, 5.9, 7.1, or 9.1 inch heights
L2 wood: 1.2, 2, 3.5, or 5.9 inch heights
B1 Bun Wood: 2.8 inch height
L4 Metal: 5.1, 5.9, 7.1, or 9.1 inch heights
C1 Castor 2.8 inch height

Wool & Cotton

For Vispring, it all starts with the fine British wool. Hand-teased into a cloud-like texture, the wool gives Vispring mattresses an exceptionally comfortable feel to help you drift off, effortlessly, and uninterrupted.

While most of the fiber fill in the Classic colleciton is wool, cotton is also used since it is incredibly durable, breathable, and absorbent – perfect for filling mattresses.

Calico Coils

Vispring makes its coils out of the very purest steel of which Vanadium, a very expensive rare earth metal, is added for its unique ability to flex and retain its shape better than any other metal. So important are its coils that Vispring makes over 1.2 million springs each week, uniquely designed for each mattress model and comfort preference.

Each coil is inserted into an all natural unbleached cotton calico cover and then handnested into a honeycomb pattern so that there are no gaps between the coils to ensure that you enjoy the greatest comfort for the greatest number of years.

Nature's Finest

The Classic Collection is where Vispring master bedmakers add even richer materials to their single layer mattresses. For this collection, depending on the model, they’ve chosen fine Mulberry silk, lightweight cashmere, and hand-teased Shetland wool, unique to Vispring, – an incredibly soft fleece thanks to the sheep’s unique moorland and beach habitat. It’s about finding exactly what is needed to create mattresses that go beyond comfortable – beds that let you drift off into a truly deep sleep . . . .

Sealed with Care

Once a mattresses has been filled, it is covered with the very best Belgian Damask which made by Maes in Flanders. The strength of this damask not only ensures that these mattresses are made to last decades, but it also contributes to the very high quality comfort that you will enjoy.

The side-stitching is all done by hand and is also integral to the quality and comfort of a Vispirng mattress. It’s an intricate, labour-intensive technique that takes years to master. So important is the sidestitch that Vispring invests up to 8 hours for applying sidestitches on every mattress.

We're with you Every Step of the Way

We understand that choosing a mattress can be daunting, especially in the high-end category, so we're open 7 days a week to answer any questions that you might have or to meet with you in person in our San Francisco showroom to help you choose a mattress that is perfect for you.

Free home delivery and setup in approximately 8 weeks.

Bespoke Mattresses by Vispring:

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