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British Bespoke Beds by Vispring
Today's Vispirng mattresses are the product of over 100 years of expert bed makers refining their craft and passing down their knowledge from one generation to the next. Each bed is bespoke, uniquely handcrafted like no other and filled with the world's most luxurious materials.
Vispring Bespoke Luxury Mattress | Masterpiece Superb

Divan Fabric Options

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Chain Weave Fawn: #750<br>49% Viscose, 41% Cotton
Boucle Flint: #2151<br>100% Polyester
Boucle Graphite: #2149<br>100% Polyester
Boucle Sandstone: #2150<br>100% Polyester
Boucle Sodalite: #2148<br>100% Polyester
Canvas Clay: #2030<br>60% Cotton, 40% Linen
Canvas Thames: #2032<br>60% Cotton, 40% Linen
Canvas Sand: #2034<br>60% Cotton, 40% Linen
Cotton Chamray: #2104<br>100% Cotton
Cotton Eau De Nil: #2103<br>100% Cotton
Cotton Heather: #2105<br>100% Cotton
Cotton Kiwi: #2102<br>100% Cotton
Gem Celestial: #2029<br>65% Viscose, 20% Linen, 15% Polyester
Gem Cream: #2084<br>65% Viscose, 20% Linen, 15% Polyester
Gem Indigo: #2099<br>65% Viscose, 20% Linen, 15% Polyester
Gem Moss: #2028<br>65% Viscose, 20% Linen, 15% Polyester
Gem Wine: #2097<br>65% Viscose, 20% Linen, 15% Polyester
Gem Prussia: #2027<br>65% Viscose, 20% Linen, 15% Polyester
Gem Silver: #2026<br>65% Viscose, 20% Linen, 15% Polyester
Gem Prussia: #2027<br>65% Viscose, 20% Linen, 15% Polyester
Plush Aubergine: #2107<br>100% Polyester
Plush Bottle Green: #2154<br>100% Polyester
Plush Burgandy: #2108<br>100% Polyester
Plush Duck Egg: #2113<br>100% Polyester
Plush Elephant: #2152<br>100% Polyester
Plush Heather: #2109<br>100% Polyester
Plush Petrol: #2153<br>100% Polyester
Plush Royal: #2115<br>100% Polyester
Plush Saffron: #2112<br>100% Polyester
Plush Teal: #2114<br>100% Polyester
Soft Cotton Steel: #2036<br>100% Cotton
Soft Cotton Turtle Dove: #2037<br>100% Cotton
Touch Denim: #2120<br>100% Polyester
Touch Kingfisher: #2118<br>100% Polyester
Touch Rose: #2116<br>100% Polyester
Touch Sky: #2119<br>100% Polyester


L1 wood: 3", 5.1", 5.9", 7.1", or 9.1" h

L2 wood: 1.2", 2", 3.5", or 5.9" h

B1 Bun Wood: 2.8"h

L4 Metal: 5.1", 5.9", 7.1", or 9.1" inch heights

C1 Castor 2.8" in high

Wood Colors





Vispring Masterpiece Superb Mattress
Support starts with the springs: Vispring's Masterpiece Superb has 4,000 coils hand-nested into three layers that work to elevate and gently comfort your body like not other mattress can; generous layers of silk, alpaca, cashmere, horsetail fiber, Shetland wool, and top rated British fleece wool are added to both sides of the mattress to create a mattress of pure luxury, healthful and reinvigorating. The Masterpiece Superb is among Vispring's top two finest mattresses and is sure to create an exceptionally luxurious and healthy sleeping environment for you to wake up from each morning.

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Vispring Masterpiece Mattress Materials
100% pure natural fiber fills

Made only with Nature's Finest Materials:
Just under the topmost layer of blended Shetland wool and organic cotton is a blend of the very best fibers in the world, silk, cashmere, alpaca, and certified top grade British fleece wool. This blend of the world's finest fibers provide a unique softness to the mattress that elevates, supports, and comforts your body.
The finest quality horsehair in the world is the very long stranded Moosburger horsetail, which is cleaned with only hot water, no chemicals, and is twisted into a tight braided rope. The longer the hair, the tighter the braids, and the more resilient the fibers when untwisted by hand at the Vispring factory. Horsetail fiber is extremely strong and elastic and is simply the best material in the world for mattress making as each fiber uniquely shapes and supports like a team of millions of coils. Horse hair has the amazing ability to last over 100 years.
The third layer functions as a barrier between the top comfort layers and the coils. In this layer Shetland wool and cotton are combined to create a dense layer that prevents compression. These are very hardy materials that will remain virtually unchanged for many decades.
Stacking coils into 2 or 3 layers gives a mattress more conformability for a more plush and responsive feel than single layered mattresses which tend to have a flatter firmer feel. The Masterpiece Superb mattress has 3,996 coils (per king) that are hand nested into a honeycomb pattern in each of the 3 stacked layers of the mattress. This high number of coils creates a truly incredible responsive that is the ultimate in luxury to ensure that you get a wonderful night's sleep night after night.
  • Mattress Sizes:
  • Twin: 38"w x 75"l x 13"h
  • Twin XL: 38"w x 80"l x 13"h
  • Full: 54"w x 75"l x 13"h
  • Queen: 60"w x 80"l x 13"h
  • East King: 76"w x 80"l x 13"h
  • Cal King: 72"w x 84"l x 13"h
  • Super King:86"w x 85"l x 13"h
  • 30 Year Manufacturer Warranty against defects
  • Non-refundable once delivered
  • Free delivery, setup, and removal of old mattress

Masterpiece Superb Specifications:

  • Construction
  • Double-sided | Available in custom sizes and shapes
  • 3,996 hand nested coils / king
  • Three layers of coils
  • Five rows of hand sewn side-stitching
  • Hand-tied tufts
  • Available in soft, medium, firm, extra firm, or split coil firmnesses
  • Coil diameter: 2.36"
  • Ticking: Belgian Damask: Cashmere (14%), Silk (27%), Viscose (59%)
  • Comfort Layer Fills (both sides):
  • Shetland wool and organic cotton
  • Austrian Moosburger horsetail
  • Silk, cashmere, alpaca, British fleece wool
  • Shetland wool with cotton
  • Statesman Divan (Upholstered Foundation)
  • Heights: 13.2" or 9.8"
  • 3,480 hand nested coils | king
  • Two layers of coils
  • horsehair and a blended wool and cotton batting
  • Many fabric and leg options
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