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Certified Organic Luxury Mattresses by Ivy Organics
Certified Oganic Luxury Mattress Sale | Benson

50% Off Certified Organic Floor Model Queen Mattress: $2,772.50
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The Benson is at once luxuriously gentle and supportive as a result of its fine craftsmanship and exceptionally pure materials. The two layers of 3" thick GOLS certified organic latex with generous layers of organic wool and cotton create a wonderful plushness, while the hand nested coils provide exceptional lumbar support and support from head to toe. All Ivy Organics mattresses are handmade in its California locally owned factory.

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GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
The people who design and make Ivy Organics mattresses know the value of high quality materials. For this reason, Ivy Organics puts much time and care into searching for and vetting small local and often family owned businesses ran by people who have years of pride in doing things the right way. All cotton used in making Ivy Organics mattresses is GOTS certified organic cotton sourced from California and Texas in order to ensure that it meets the very highest standards in quality and social responsibility and also to support the local growers and small processing plants where the cotton is ginned.
Ethically Sourced GOTS Certified Organic & Cruelty-Free Wool
At Ivy Organics, this means that the sheep that provide the wool are happy sheep, treated humanely and well cared for. Ivy Organics gets all of its wool from a locally owned sheep ranch located on the coast of Oregon, where the sheep live their lives grazing in nature on the beautiful coastline (for more, view this video here).
The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)
GOLS is the highest standard of organic latex certification. It not only ensures that the latex is organic but also that each step of production meets specific environmental and ethical standards in managing waste and pollution, energy and water, as well as Fair Trade criteria to ensure that workers receive a living wage that meets their economic needs.

While the 100% pure organic certified latex in Ivy Organics mattresses provides great support and comfort, the rubber trees from which it comes have an incredible ability to filter carbon out of the air. Over the course of 25 years, for every two rubber trees, one metric ton of carbon is filtered from the air.
Hand-Nested Pocketed Coils
Each individually pocketed coil is made from 100% recycled steel and is wrapped in a biodegradable non-off gassing woven fabric derived from sugar cane. The coils are hand-nested into a honey-comb pattern so that there are no open gaps between the coils. This improves the longevity of the mattress and increases the support. The entire unit is then tightly wrapped and sealed in organic felted wool and wool batting to ensure that your mattress provides you with wonderful comfort for many years to come. For more, watch this video here).

Mattress Specifications:

  • Queen: 60w x 80l x 17h (1074 coils)
  • East King: 76w x 80l x 17h (1330 coils)
  • Cal King: 72w x 84l x 17h (1330 coils)
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty against defects
  • Non-refundable once delivered
  • Free Bay Area delivery and setup

Expertly Handmade in California

  • 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton damask ticking
  • 4 layers of 100% GOTS Certified Organic cruelty free wool
  • 3 layers of 100% GOTS Certified Organic fluffy cotton
  • 6 inches of GOLS Certified organic dunlop latex
  • Hand nested fabric encased coils
  • Concentrated coil density for lumbar back support
  • Not Adjustable bed friendly
  • Firm Edge support:
  • The mattress encasement is made of organic cruelty free needle-punched wool and GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

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