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The Aireloom Rip Van Winkle Mattress of Today
Steeped in tradition, today's Aireloom Rip Van Winkle mattress combines the very highest quality materials and most expert craftsmanship to create a mattress that perfectly synchronizes to your body so that you have a luxurous experience that elevates, contours, and supports like no other.
Aireloom Rip Van Winkle Firm Luxury Mattress

Aireloom Rip Van Winkle Firm Mattress

The Aireloom Rip Van Winkle Firm has a medium firmness with a flat surface that nonetheless contours perfectly to the curves of your body. While sleeping on your side or your back, your spine will remain perfectly aligned. This mattress has generous layers of high quality latex and innovative foams on top of a layer of over 2,000 micro-coils, and it's still made with lots of soft cotton and old-fashioned double-knotted off-set coils, just like the original from days of old.

Order now and receive 10% off and a complimentary certified organic cotton sateen sheet set by San Francisco based Coyuchi®
Aireloom Mattress Materials
Aireloom Mattress Materials
Aireloom Mattress Materials
Aireloom Mattress Materials
Aireloom Mattress Materials
Aireloom Mattress Materials

Made with the finest craftsmanship and finest materials:
  • Top Fabric: The woven knit fabric is luxuriously soft, smooth, temperature neutral, and extremely breathable.
  • Quilting: Silk, wool, and polyester high loft fibers and high quality foam layers conform and elevate to create a special luxuriousness unique only to Aireloom mattresses.
  • Comfort Layer: high grade ventilated latex, dense visco elastic foam, a quilted inner-panel, 42 pounds of cotton, and 54 hand-tied inner tufts all ensure perfect support and body alignment. Instead of glueing foam layers together as most manufacturers do, Aireloom sews a stretch knit cotton layer of tricot over the top to hold these layers in place to ensure that the each layer's resiliency is not restricted.
  • The micro-coil layer works to bring additional support to the comfort layer (Zoned Micro-coils: 2,652/queen; 2,080/king).
  • Double knotted offset coils date back well over a half century and were originally used for only the highest end mattresses since much labor goes into making them. Rather than leaving the ends of the coil loose, the ends are looped around and knotted to the coil itself. The top and bottom loops of the hourglass shaped coils are flattened so that they can be hinged together more flush than if they were left round. This and the fact that these are heavy gauge wire make this one of the most strong and most resilient coil structures available. The inner tufts are essential with this kind of coil system to prevent motion transfer.
  • Hand-tied Tufts: The Rip Firm has only inner tufts instead of inner and outer tufts such as the RIP Medium Firm. This is done to create a flatter yet still resilient top.
  • Side Panel: The 560 handmade side stitches are applied through a thick layer of cotton and wrap around the coils. This gives the mattress a very unique feel, creating stability, support, a strong firm edge, and enhances breathability.
  • *Our 10% off sale with the complimentary certified organic cotton sheet set has a total savings of $720 / king or $605 / queen, also includes free in-home delivery in about 3-7 days.

Mattress Specifications:

  • Queen: 60w x 80l x 15h
  • East King: 76w x 80l x 15h
  • Cal King: 72w x 84l x 15h
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty against defects
  • Non-refundable once delivered
  • Free Bay Area delivery and setup

Expertly Handmade in California

  • Fabric/Quilt Layer:
  • Woven Knit Fabric
  • Silk, Wool, and polyester HiLoft fiber blend
  • Soft, supportive Pillowflex™ + high density lux firm foam
  • Stretch cotton tricot
  • Comfort Layers:
  • Two layers of top quality firm ventilated latex
  • Visco elastic foam
  • 42 pound cotton layer
  • 54 hand tied inner tufts
  • 560 hand tied side stitches
  • Zoned micro-coil layer: king 2,652 | queen 2,080 micro-coils
  • Coil Support System:
  • Firm edge high density cotton perimeter
  • 13 gauge double knotted offset coil unit
  • ultra high density foam bottom layer
  • 8-Way Hand-tied Box Spring
  • 13 lb cotton
  • 160 yards of Italian twine
  • 800 hand-tied knots
  • 8.75 gauge heavy duty coils
  • Cotton packed corners
  • Available in 9" or 5" heights
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