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Ultra Firm
Luxury Mattress by Aireloom
Aireloom Preferred Streamline Ultra Firm Luxury Mattress
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The Aireloom Preferred Streamline Ultra Firm is as firm as a mattress can get, but with all the luxury of an Aireloom. The difference between this extra firm mattress and those that just feel hard is that the Aireloom Ultra Firm feels remarkably more vibrant because of its resilient coils and comfort layers.


Aireloom Preferred Hand Tied Mattress Tufts
Unlike most mattress manufacturers, Aireloom does not glue its foam comfort layers together but instead hand ties 32 tufts all the way through the mattress to hold the comfort materials and the coils in place. This allows air to circulate through each layer so that each material remains independent of the other. As the coils and independent comfort layers push up and the tufts pull the materials down, the result is a very unique resiliency and comfort that lasts for many years.
Silk and Wool Fiber Quilt Mattress Layer
Silk is the strongest natural fiber known today and retains its softness longer than most any other. In this mattress, Aireloom blends silk, wool, and polyester fibers in the topmost quilt layer to prevent compression and to retain its loft for many many years to come.

High Quality Latex Comfort Layer
Aireloom uses very high quality clean low VOC foam comfort layers that are not glued together to promote air circulation and to retain its loft. While every manufacturer seems to boast about its innovative foams, what makes Aireloom unique is how it feels and how long these wonderful mattresses last.
Pocketed Coils
Aireloom manufactures its own coils right in its factory in Southern California. These coils are made of tempered steel and are individually packed into cotton encasements so that the motion of one coil does not transfer to another. What's so unique about these coils is that no other coil made in the USA conforms so well to the shape of one's body while remaining so strong as to provide such support.
Aireloom Preferred Mattress Inside Materials

Mattress Specifications:

  • Queen: 60w x 80l x 13.5h (842 coils/115 lbs)
  • East King: 76w x 80l x 13.5h (1052 coils/150 lbs
  • Cal King: 72w x 84l x 13.5h (1052 coils/150 lbs)
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty against defects
  • Non-refundable once delivered
  • Free Bay Area delivery and setup

Expertly Handmade in California

  • 32 Hand-tied Outer Tufts /queen
  • Ultra Conforming Knit with Tencel®
  • Silk and Wool fiber quilting
  • Pillowflex™ fiber over Low VOC convoluted foam
  • True stretch Tricot
  • Low VOC Firm Airegelle™ foam
  • Low VOC Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • Low VOC High Density Foam Encasement
  • Tempered steel pocketed coils
  • 8"h 6-turn XF 13.75 Gauge
  • Adjustable bed friendly
Enjoy this mattress on your own bed frame or set it on a simple foundation:
Rigid-Flex Mattress Foundation
The Aireloom Preferred rigid foundation is much heavier than most. A very strong pine is used to frame the foundation and lots of heavy gauge steel wire is used to make a grid of V-shaped brackets. This foundation is rigid but will flex before it bends or breaks.
Aireloom Preferred Rigid Mattress Foundation

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