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American Leather Lyons Comfort Sleeper

Lifestyle: Stain Resistant Fabrics

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Lifestyle Babble Beige (grade #1): BB-1-12
Lifestyle Babble Charcoal (grade #1): BB-1-22
Lifestyle Babble Gray (grade #1): BB-1-20
Lifestyle Babble Indigo (grade #1): BB-1-92
Lifestyle Aura Natural (grade #1): AURA0836
Lifestyle Aura Taupe (grade #1): AURA0837
Lifestyle Aura Pewter (grade #1): AURA0839
Lifestyle Aura Flint (grade #1): AURA084
Lifestyle Hanson Charcoal (grade #1): HS-1-22
Lifestyle Hanson Gray (grade #1): HS-1-20
Lifestyle Hanson Indigo (grade #1): HS-1-92
Lifestyle Hanson Moss (grade #1): HS-1-97
Lifestyle Clover Indigo (grade #1): CO-1-92
Lifestyle Clover Gray (grade #1): CO-1-20
Lifestyle Clover Espresso (grade #1): CO-1-18
Lifestyle Clover Charcoal (grade #1): CO-1-22

Crypton: Stain Resistant Fabrics

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Crypton Apollo Flint (grade #2): #APL0816
Crypton Apollo Mahogany (grade #2): #APL0818
Crypton Apollo Natural (grade #2): #APL0817
Crypton Apollo Navy (grade #2): #APL0820
Crypton Apollo Winter (grade #2): #APL08165
Crypton Artemis Ecru (grade #2): #ART08052
Crypton Artemis Snow (grade #2): #ART08100
Crypton Artemis Stone (grade #2): #ART08140
Crypton Monk Hemp (grade #2): #MON1800
Crypton Monk Eclipse (grade #2): #MON1801
Crypton Monk Speckle (grade #2): #MON1802
Crypton: Velvet Indigo (grade #2): CVT0810
Crypton Velvet Sky (grade #2): #CVT0811
Crypton Velvet Gray (grade #2): #CVT0814
Crypton Velvet Charcoal (grade #2): #CVT0815
Crypton Velvet Expresso (grade #2): #CVT0816

Sunbrella Sun & Stain Resistant

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Sunbrella: Boss Tweed Indigo (grade 3): #BOS10116
Sunbrella: Boss Tweed Mink (grade 3): #BOS10127
Sunbrella: Boss Tweed Stone (grade 3): #BOS10163
Sunbrella: Boss Tweed Pebble (grade 3): #BOS10139
Sunbrella: Boss Tweed Salt (grade 3): #BOS10184
Sunbrella: Loft Flax (grade 3): #LOF10174
Sunbrella: Loft Gray (grade 3): #LOF10165
Sunbrella: Loft Indigo (grade 3): #LOF10196
Sunbrella: Loft Pebble (grade 3): #LOF10142
CSunbrella: Pashmina Alpaca (grade 3): #PSM1805
Sunbrella: Pashmina Cloud (grade 3): #PSM1806
Sunbrella: Pashmina Flannel (grade 3): #PSM1803
Sunbrella: Pashmina Indigo (grade 3): #PSM1800
Sunbrella: Pashmina Teal (grade 3): #PSM1801
Sunbrella: Pashmina Terracotta (grade 3): #PSM1802
Sunbrella: Pashmina Chambord (grade 3): #PSM1804

Wood Finishes

Wood Swatches

Lyons Comfort Sleeper by American Leather

The American Leather Lyons Comfort Sleeper has a squared silhouette and clean lines that make it an easy choice for a traditional, modern, or eclectic setting. Order online with free delivery, and customize your Comfort Sleeper by choosing from several mattress options, leg finishes, and from our most popular stain resistant fabrics, or visit us in San Francisco and view our complete fabric and leather selection.

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American Leather Lyons Comfort Sleeper
No bars, no springs:
Instead these sleepers have edge-to-edge comfort formed by 3 upholstered wood-framed panels with very high quality foam mattress options: The standard "Premier" mattress is made with a high density foam with a water and stain resistant ticking, the Cool Gel mattress upgrade is softer and sure to stay cool for hot sleepers, and the Tempur-Pedic® upgrade provides additional luxury with its patented foam technology. Low leg models such as the Lyons come with a thicker 5" mattress thickness.
The American Leather Comfort Sleeper offers many options to meet your space and comfort needs.

  • When open, the sleeper extends only 85 inches from the wall, only 5 inches beyond the mattress.
  • The total width of the Lyons Comfort Sleeper extends only 7.5 inches beyond the mattress on each side--that's a queen sleeper at only 75" wide or a queen-plus at 81".
  • Every Comfort Sleeper has matching sofas, love seats, and chairs available to pair with it.
  • Available in three wood finishes.
  • Free sample fabric and leather swatches mailed to your home in 7-10 business days.
  • Build it as large or as small as you need. Comfort sleepers come in all size and are available in a wide range of sectional configurations.
Download the Lyons Comfort Sleeper Collection Specs

Visit us in San Francisco. We're happy to meet with you to help you choose the sofa sleeper that is just right for you.

American Leather Lyons Comfort Sleeper--clean, simple, stylish
American Leather Lyons Comfort Sleeper Room View

Available in all sizes including various sectional configurations. Shown here as a two seat queen-plus sleeper in stain resistant Grade 1 Hanson Charcoal fabric (#HS-1-22).

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